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Water Coolers Derby

Welcome to our web page dedicated to organisations in the Derby area looking to source plumbed in water coolers, drinking water fountains or high capacity water boilers. We hope you will need look no further.

On Tap Water Coolers are a cooler company based in the Midlands and mainly servicing clients in that area. Formed in 2004, our rapid growth has been as a direct result of our unrelenting commitment to providing industry-leading levels of customer service, high quality reliable equipment and value for money. We go the extra mile to ensure that things are done right first time and if issues do arise we ensure the problem is rectified promptly and the customer is 100% satisfied.

Our EPDWA membership is a demonstration to our customers of our dedication to customer service. All operational staff are trained to trained and audited to the very high standards laid down in the EDPWA guidlines.

Plumbed-in Water Coolers / Drinking Water Fountains

Mains-connected water coolers and fountains tend to be a more cost effective and hassle-free way of providing

We have a variety of coolers available for you to either rent or purchase. If you have a ‘potable’ mains water supply within 10m of where the cooler is to be located and a standard 3-pin plug socket, we will normally install the cooler for free.

All of our coolers and fountains are fitted with a 1-micron filter meaning the water coming from one of our machines is unrecognisable from that coming from the tap.

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