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Welcome to On Tap Water Coolers

one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mains-fed plumbed-in and bottled water coolers.

Our Products & Services

We only supply the best quality Watercoolers, Water fountains, Bottle filling systems, Hot water dispensers and Coffee machines. 

We have a specially selected range of machines so that we can provide the best drinks solutions wherever you need, 

If you are not quite sure what type of machine you require please get in touch and our friendly team will be able to help you find the perfect equipment for your environment. 

We have a highly trained team of professionals to ensure perfect installation, maintenance and servicing of all equipment.  

Combine this with friendly, efficient customer service  and that’s what makes On Tap Water and Coffee the winning combination.

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Vitro S1 Bean to cup Coffee machine £10.00 per week


We pride ourselves on the fantastic service we provide, don’t just take our word for it – here is what our customers say.

Delivery and

All of our coolers come with FREE DELIVERY and INSTALLATION by our highly trained experienced staff.


All of our Water Dispensers offer a fantastic sustainable choice for your drinking water needs. Choosing a water dispenser replaces the need for single use plastic bottles and stops bottles going to land fill, The environmental benefits of our Mains fed Water coolers, Fountains and Bottle filling stations 

Far outweigh the carbon emissions, energy used ,transportation and disposal of single use plastic bottles..

  1. 90% reduction in carbon footprint for POU Coolers against single use plastic bottled water
  2. 47% Average cost saving between saving by switching to POU systems
  3. 99% of all chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and any particulate matter that may be in pipe filtered out with our 1 micron water filters
  4. 70% Less plastic used on our filters because of reusable plastic filter housing and environmentally friendly replaceable filter candles
  5. 100% of all types of filters recycled

Our bottles get re-used to save on plastic waste

  1. Bottles are reused and refilled average 50 times before being recycled and used again
  2. The whole bottling process takes place on-site at the spring- from source to bottle with as little impact on the environment as possible
  3. Bottles are delivered on a local round basis maximising efficiency for delivery and collection and eliminating wasted journeys

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