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Plumbed-in Water Coolers

We do not have a water supply close to where the cooler needs to be located; does this mean we cannot have a plumbed-in cooler?

No. The pipe that we use to take the water from your mains supply to the water cooler is ¼” flexible hose and can be used over distances up to 15m. In almost all cases we have been able to carry out installation at absolutely no cost to the customer.

We currently have a contract for our current cooler(s) is this a problem?

No. We are able to offer flexible contract terms on all our water coolers, allowing for the fact that you have a contract to run still on your current equipment.

The mains water tastes awful at our premises what will it taste like from your cooler?

The reason the mains water can sometimes taste bad is due to Chlorine and/or tainting from old water pipes. All our coolers are fitted with a 0.9-micron rated carbon block filter, which is designed to remove all chlorine, sediment from old pipes, insecticides and herbicides, leaving you with unlimited great tasting chilled water.

How long does installation take?

This will largely depend upon the distance of the cooler from the water supply, but an installation will not normally take much more than 30 minutes.

What are the maintenance requirements for plumbed-in water coolers?

WHA recommendations are that plumbed-in water coolers should be sanitised on a 6-monthly schedule

Bottled Water Coolers

How often can you deliver bottles of water?

We usually aim to get our bottled customers on a fortnightly or monthly delivery cycle. However, because we only deliver bottles in a very tight geographical area we are able to respond to emergency stock out situations usually within 24 hours.

What are the service requirements of a bottled water cooler?

A bottled cooler is serviced quarterly. We will monitor when this is due and it will then automatically get carried out. Our Ebac Water Coolers have the unique Watertrail technology which gives you absolute hygiene assurity and peace of mind. For more information on this please click here http://www.ebacwatercoolers.com/watercoolers-emax-overview.php

How much water are we likely to use?

The amount of water that you use will mainly depend upon the number of staff using the cooler. Broadly speaking 10 staff using the cooler will consume on average around six 18.5L bottles per month across the year.