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Water Coolers Cambridge

Thank you for visiting our dedicated web page for Water Coolers in Cambridge. On Tap Water Coolers is a Water Cooler company specialising in providing plumbed-in Water Coolers, Drinking Water Fountains, and Water Boilers to businesses, schools, Gyms and other organisations primarily in central regions, but also covering the rest of the UK. We have grown the business rapidly since our inception in 2004, based on a passion for providing unrivalled levels of customer satisfaction, offering good Value for money and providing high quality equipment.

Cambridge is an area we know well. We have operational staff servicing or installing water coolers in the area at least twice a week and have resources in place to deal with any eventuality outside of these times should the need arise.

We are fully accredited and audited members of the EPDWA and all operational staff are trained to their very high standards.

Plumbed-in Water Coolers / Drinking Water Fountains

If you visit our product pages you will see that we have a Water Cooler for any location or budget. Whether you’re an office requiring a simple dispenser, or a public or industrial area requiring something more robust and higher capacity, we have a perfect solution for you.

Our coolers are all fitted with a 1-micron Carbon Filter with scale inhibitor, so the water dispensed from our equipment is unrecognisable from that dispensed from the tap.

Our customers can choose to either Rent their equipment on an all-inclusive basis, or they can purchase outright and then pay for the ongoing servicing.

Please click below for a quotation or click Our Coolers to see our full range of equipment.

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