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Water Coolers Birmingham

Looking for a plumbed-in water cooler or drinking water fountain in the Birmingham or West Midlands region?

Well look no further. Since On Tap Water Coolers was founded in 2004, we have set Value for money, quality of service and quality of equipment as the cornerstones of our business and this is the primary reason why we have seen such rapid growth right across the Midlands. Such is our commitment to quality of service that we are a fully accredited and audited member of the EPDWA and all our operational staff are trained according to the very high standards laid down by them. We are proud of a record that shows that almost 50% of all our new business comes by way of a customer referral!

Plumbed-in Water Coolers / Drinking Water Fountains

Many of our customers have realised that there is a far cheaper and hassle-free way of providing good quality chilled drinking water to staff or visitors, than buying large cumbersome bottles of water to put on a water cooler.

All of our plumbed-in coolers are fitted with a 1-micron carbon filter with scale inhibitor, meaning the water dispensed from one of our coolers is unrecognisable from that which comes direct from the tap.

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive Rental arrangement or if you would prefer to purchase outright, we believe that plumbed-in water coolers are the perfect solution for providing unlimited quality drinking water.

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