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ArcticChill 98 Floorstanding

A Direct Chill Water cooler, perfect for those areas where a large cooling capacity is required. The Arctic chill is available as a floor-standing cooler.

ArcticChill 98 Floorstanding

available to rent or purchase

Floorstanding Only mains fed POU

recommended for
Industrial, schools, offices, manufacturing, gyms,leisure

Dimensions height width depth weight
Floor Standing 1135 mm 340 mm 340 mm 25 kg

from £10.00 per week

  • Direct Chill The Arctic Chill is a closed system Direct Chill/Pressure Cooler which in addition to having very high capacity, also avoids bacterial contamination of the water from the air.
  • FloodGuard The Arctic Chill is fitted with a FloodGuard flood prevention device which stops any leak from a mains-fed cooler before it becomes a disaster.
  • HygieneGuard The push and hold solenoid dispensing tap is fitted with a HygieneGuard tap cover. The silver impregnated tap cover is designed to prevent hand-to-tap bacterial contamination.
  • Drip Tray Lift out design which can be connected for mains drainage.
  • High capacity Direct Chill, Ambient & Cold POU Cooler
  • 30 - 40 ltr of below 12C chilled water/hour
  • Virtually unlimited amount of ambient water
  • Impressive 23cm dispensing height to fill bottles
  • Attractive and compact
ArcticChill 98 Floorstanding