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Water Gem®

Europe’s best selling DIY under sink filter system.

The Water Gem undersink water filter will improve the quality of your drinking water enabling you to enjoy crystal clear, fresh tasting water direct from a tap. This will save the cost and inconvenience of buying bottled water.

Installation of the Water Gem is very simple and can be done by any competent DIYer. There are no pipes that need to be cut and no need to turn off the water supply. To download the installation guide click here.

The Water Gem will reduce chlorine and other chemicals as well as filtering sediment and rust.

The unit can be fitted into all kitchen units and the attractive chrome tap can be installed on either surface-mounted or countersunk sink units. The tap itself has two settings. It will run just whilst it is depressed as well as continually running if lifted and locked into position.

The filter cartridge is easily replaced with simple push-in connectors. An individual cartridge will last for approximately six months or 2,500 litres of water – whichever is sooner.

For use on municipally treated water supplies.

This product comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Features & Benefits

  • Europe’s best selling under sink water filter
  • Treats up to 2,500 litres
  • Attractive chrome tap
  • Easy to fit with step-by-step instructions
  • Reduces chlorine & other chemicals
  • Filters sediment and rust
  • 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee