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Ebac F-Max

Combining good looks with impeccable reliability – the Fmax features stylish curves to fit into any modern office environment and is constructed from ultra-durable ABS polymer to ensure it withstands many years of use. In addition to this the Fmax also features the ground-breaking Direct Dispense system which ensures that the chance for biological contamination is reduced by 98%

The F-max POU is without question our most technologically advanced mains-fed water cooler. It has a number of unique features that you will only find on this cooler.

Changeable panels

The Fmax POU features a choice of 12 different coloured changeable side panels ensuring that whatever your office decor, we have the Fmax to suit. The side panels can even be personalised with your company branding.

Direct Dispense Technology

Other mains water coolers are fitted with filters that remove the chlorine from the water as it enters the cooler. This leaves the water in the cooler vulnerable to bacterial contamination. The F-Max is fitted with Direct Dispense technology which filters the water as it leaves the cooler, reducing the opportunity for contamination by 98%.

Complete Hygiene assurity

The Fmax water cooler is fitted with 2 x 0.5 micron carbon block water filters manufactured by Cuno who are industry leaders. To sanitise an Fmax water cooler, all that is required is to replace the filters and the dispense nozzles. There are no chemicals used and no possibility for mistakes to be made or shortcuts taken, thus you get 100% hygiene assurity.

The Green cooler

The Fmax features a vacuum insulated cold vessel that will conserve energy.  Also, the award-winning hot tank works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to retain its heat. This means that the water is heated less frequently and consequently is around 30 times more efficient than other Hot Tanks.

So, as well as a £32/cooler annual saving on running costs, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

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