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Arctic Chill 88

A Direct Chill Water cooler, perfect for those areas where a large cooling capacity is required. The Arctic chill is available as a floor-standing or counter-top water cooler.

Direct Chill

The Arctic Chill is a closed system Direct Chill/Pressure Cooler which in addition to having very high capacity, also avoids bacterial contamination of the water from the air.


The Arctic Chill is fitted with a FloodGuard flood prevention device which stops any leak from a mains-fed cooler before it becomes a disaster.


The push and hold solenoid dispensing tap is fitted with a HygieneGuard tap cover. The silver impregnated tap cover is designed to prevent hand-to-tap bacterial contamination.

Drip Tray

Lift out design which can be connected for mains drainage.

NEW drip-tray overflow system

A 3 Litre Alarmed overflow system which connects to the drip tray can be fitted to all floor-standing units, thus significantly increasing the drip tray capacity.


Floor Standing height 1180mm
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm
weight 25kg
Table Top height 460mm
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm
weight 25kg


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