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Roma Dispenser Vending Machine

The Roma dispenser vending machine by DarenthMJS is quite simply the “Rolls Royce” of our speciality machine range. Exhibiting a striking combination of matt black cabinet, contrasted with highly polished stainless steel features and breathtaking neon-effect backlighting, this superb new speciality machine perfectly complements the high quality of hot beverages produced.

Available in a range of colours including Radiant Red, Ice White, Electric Blue and Sunset Orange, the lighting effect even extends to the optional matching base cabinet. Quite simply the best there is!

All machines in the DarenthMJS speciality range feature hugely powerful, frequency locked ingredient motors including all metal gearboxes and high speed, precision balanced whipper motors. Ask your dealer to compare this to other machines.

Whether it’s simply a smooth, dark and aromatic black coffee that ‘takes your fancy’, a highly whipped and frothy, deliciously tempting cappuccino, or a rich, creamy indulgent cafe mocha, the incredibly compact, feature packed and totally dependable Roma by DarenthMJS does it all with style and complete confidence.

Dispenser Vending Machine Features

  • The Roma features 14 chrome effect, one touch drink selection keys as standard (all entirely programmable for drink choice, preselect, hot water dispense and other market leading features)
  • Graphical strength adjustment feature allows users to ‘fine tune’ their chosen drink to their precise taste preferences – just like at home!
  • Optional ‘Go Large’ and ‘Go Decaf’ features to enhance user choice yet further
  • 5 large capacity ingredient canisters, all entirely configurable for any drink choice
  • Extremely user friendly, single button operation
  • Optional electronic coin mechanism with full change-giving facility also available
  • Free flow or timed hot water dispense facility (can be changed for on a coin operated machine)
  • Large and prominent display area which can be easily customised to suit individual sites
  • Optional display of genuine coffee beans or superb 3D effect coffee pot design as standard
  • Built in flush facility to maintain interim hygiene and all drink contact components are easily removable for cleaning
  • Optional custom built base cabinet with complimentary styling and feature backlighting
  • I-Key cashless payment system compatible

Dispenser Vending Machine Specifications

Drinks Menu & Capacity


  • 14 chrome effect, one touch selection keys as standard (pre-programmed for 9 delicious speciality beverages plus sugar,hot water dispense and STOP! – leaving 2 keys spare for additional product choice)
  • All selection keys are entirely reconfigurable for any choice of recipe selections
  • Graphical ‘Strength Adjust’ feature fitted as standard
  • Optional ‘Go Large’ key allows the single machine to deliver differing portion sizes without losing any menu selections
  • Optional ‘Go Decaf’ key allows users the facility to have decaffeinated coffee used in their recipe selection instead of standard ingredient

5 Ingredient Canisters

  • All easily refillable and removable for cleaning
  • Canisters 1 = 1.7ltrs capacity
  • Canisters 2, 3, 4 and 5 = 2.1ltrs capacity each
  • Optional 4 canister machine which replaces canisters 3 and 4 with single large canister (capacity 3.7ltrs) for chocolate or similar product

Water Requirements

  • Mains water connection via 3/4″ BSP fitting (connection hose available)
  • Mains water pressure 1.5 – 10 bar (0.15 Mpa – 1 Mpa)
  • Optional pumped water system (from storage vessel situated in base cabinet) ideal for occasional situations where a mains water supply cannot be provided

Power Requirements

Single heater option : 220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase, 2.5 KW, 13A plug fuse.
Machine fitted with 1.4 metre mains lead
Double heater option : 220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase, 5 KW, 22 A (must be connected by a qualified
electrician to 30A supply via suitable isolating switch)

Payment Systems

  • Available as a free vend machine or fitted with full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins plus token or even with full change-giving facility
  • Separately locking cash box
  • Free vend master override switch
  • Full audit facility built in as standard
  • I-Key cashless payment system compatible
  • Individual drink pricing together with entirely separate discount price structure (for use with I-Key system)
  • Electronic interface facility to host partner machines


  • Custom designed matching base cabinet featuring complimentary styling, large (lockable) storage space, stainless steel trim and feature lighting
  • ‘Go Large’ option – provides the additional facility of dispensing differing portion sizes from the same machine without having to compromise any selection keys. Cup sizes are fully programmable as is a price premium for the larger drink on a machine fitted with payment system
  • ‘Go Decaf’ option – a superb feature which allows users to choose to have decaffeinated coffee used in their recipe
  • Stainless steel feature side panels
  • Entirely stainless steel door variant
  • Optional display of genuine coffee beans
  • Hygiene kit comprising of complete set of mixing chambers paddles, hoses, nozzles, etc
  • High quality water filtration system for optimum drink quality
  • 22Amp heater upgrade

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Standard Machine : 402mm x 690mm x 560mm
Coin Operated Machine : 494mm x 690mm x 560mm
Change-giving Machine : 504mm x 690mm x 560mm
Cabinet (optional) : 402mm x 910mm x 560mm


Standard Machine : 47kg
Cabinet : 22kg
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